Confectionery is better, together.


When today’s consumers indulge, they want every bite to be pure perfection and are on the lookout for healthier options. That’s why we deliver the best solutions to help you create silky smooth, delightfully delicious confections that fulfill the highest expectations.

AAK is a global leader in supplying specialty vegetable fats and oils to the chocolate and confectionery industry. We help you deliver pure confection perfection, with our extensive portfolio of plant-based, multi-sourced cocoa butter alternatives and filling fats.

Sustainability from plant to brand.

At AAK, we have the same better sourcing approach for all our key raw materials, including the shea, palm, coconut and sunflower oils used in our specialty chocolate and confectionery solutions. Our sustainability work is embedded in all parts of the AAK value chain, from the crop all the way to the brand on the store shelf.

chocolate covered truffle candy

chocolate covered caramel candy

A Legacy of Confectionery Expertise

We put our hundred-plus years of confectionery experience to work for you. We’ve grown—from being the first to develop cocoa butter substitutes over a century ago, to the first to offer non-hydrogenated specialty fat solutions to the confectionery industry. But we haven’t stopped there. We continue to create and innovate, to help you solve current and future challenges in developing and producing delicious confections that delight the senses.