Plant based burger

Fats & Oils Are Necessary to Deliver Better Plant-Based Foods

With 150 years of experience, AAK can help you deliver the fat & oil solutions that make your plant-based product a success.

Fats & Oils Create Better Special Nutrition Solutions

The right fats & oils in dietary products, oils and fat supplements help promote health and meet nutrient needs for consumers of various ages.

Plant-based pizza with text in blue block that states, For Better Baked Goods Fats & Oils First

For Better Baked Goods, Fats & Oils are Fundamental

Fats & oils are fundamental ingredients needed to create the foods people love, especially when it comes to baked goods.

senior trends

Healthier Aging: Senior Nutrition

Fats & oils offer nutritional and functional benefits in senior nutrition, including fatty acid composition, satiety and specific benefit claims.

special nutrition infographic

Fats & Oils First: Special Nutrition

From infant nutrition to nutrition bar products, learn how fats and oils can deliver satiety, better taste and other functional benefits.