sustainability matters - plants in a field

AAK Video: Sustainability Matters

Sustainability is at the heart of our purpose, Making Better Happen™. Watch to see how it is a part of everything we do and every step we take.

AAK Video: Making Better Happen™

Learn about AAK’s commitment to better taste and nutrition, with more sustainable and efficient solutions.

shortening video

Baking Short Takes Video: Shortening

Our multi-purpose shortening blends and co-development approach work better, together, for the formulation solution you need.

icing shortening video

Baking Short Takes Video: Icing

A ready-to-use and perfectly blended system. Our votated icing shortening product optimizes functionality and increases customer appeal.

flaked video

Baking Short Takes Video: Flaked

Ensuring an even distribution of fats and flavors, our flaked shortening solutions are available in customizable and non-GMO options for all your baking requirements.