senior trends

Healthier Aging: Senior Nutrition

Better fats and oils for superior senior nutrition. Find out how fats and oils offer nutritional and functional benefits including fatty acid composition, satiety and specific benefit claims.

special nutrition infographic

Fats & Oils First: Special Nutrition

Essential ingredients with functional benefits. From infant nutrition to nutrition bar products, learn how fats and oils can deliver satiety and better taste.

plant based infographic

Fats & Oils First: Plant-Based

Fats and oils in plant-based products provide the nutrition and mouthfeel consumers seek, creating the desired bite.

confectionery inforgraphic

Fats & Oils First: Confections

Fats are critical to perfect confections. What’s the secret? Better fats with the right melting temperature, flavor release, and shelf life.

baked goods inforgraphic

Fats & Oils First: Baked Goods

Cookies, icing, pizza and other baked goods rely on fats and oils for better taste, crumb structure, mouthfeel and more.