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Better Plant-Based Motion Graphic Video

Creating the foods that people want starts with the perfect balance of fats & oils. AAK’s solutions for meat and dairy alternatives provide better functionality, texture and more.

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Better Baking Motion Graphic Video

AAK’s broad line of fats & oils can help deliver the lubricity, aeration, stability and flexibility needed to make better baked goods, such as pizza crusts, cupcakes and more.

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Better Confectionery Motion Graphic Video

Superb flavor release. Optimal shelf life. These are a few of the reasons why fats & oils play a key role in making confections that look and taste great.

better golden wax

Better Candles with Golden Wax® Motion Graphic Video

AAK offers premium plant-based wax solutions sourced from soy, coconut, palm that don’t need blended paraffin. All with our precision hydrogenation process.

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For Better Confectionery, Put Your Fats & Oils First

When it comes to making confectionery products with a delectable taste and desired texture, fats & oils play a key role.

Plant based burger

Fats & Oils Are Necessary to Deliver Better Plant-Based Foods

Fats & oils provide consumer appeal with benefits such as better functionality, taste and texture, especially in trending categories like meat alternatives and dairy alternatives.

Fats & Oils Create Better Special Nutrition Solutions

Fats & oils are fundamental ingredients needed to create the foods people love, especially when it comes to baked goods.

For Better Baked Goods, Fats & Oils are Fundamental

Fats & oils are fundamental ingredients needed to create the foods people love, especially when it comes to baked goods.

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AAK Video: Sustainability Matters

Sustainability is at the heart of our purpose, Making Better Happen™. Watch to see how it is a part of everything we do and every step we take.

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Healthier Aging: Senior Nutrition

Better fats and oils for superior senior nutrition. Find out how fats and oils offer nutritional and functional benefits including fatty acid composition, satiety and specific benefit claims.

AAK Video: Making Better Happen™

Learn about AAK’s commitment to better taste and nutrition, with more sustainable and efficient solutions.

shortening video

Baking Short Takes Video: Shortening

Our multi-purpose shortening blends and co-development approach work better, together, for the formulation solution you need.

icing shortening video

Baking Short Takes Video: Icing

A ready-to-use and perfectly blended system. Our votated icing shortening product optimizes functionality and increases customer appeal.

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Baking Short Takes Video: Flaked

Ensuring an even distribution of fats and flavors, our flaked shortening solutions are available in customizable and non-GMO options for all your baking requirements.

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Fats & Oils First: Special Nutrition

Essential ingredients with functional benefits. From infant nutrition to nutrition bar products, learn how fats and oils can deliver satiety and better taste.

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Fats & Oils First: Plant-Based

Fats and oils in plant-based products provide the nutrition and mouthfeel consumers seek, creating the desired bite.

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Fats & Oils First: Confections

Fats are critical to perfect confections. What’s the secret? Better fats with the right melting temperature, flavor release, and shelf life.

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Fats & Oils First: Baked Goods

Cookies, icing, pizza and other baked goods rely on fats and oils for better taste, crumb structure, mouthfeel and more.

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Flaked Plant-Based Shortening: For Better Flavor, Functionality and Flakiness

Want to give consumers the taste and texture they love? Would you like to call out ‘plant-based’ on your label? With our flaked plant-based shortenings, you can do it all.

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Confectionery Solutions That Taste as Good as They Look

The world of confections is full of delightful experiences, but it’s also full of challenges, from undesirable bloom to filling separation and more.

plant-based burger

Plant-based Meat: Bring the Sizzle

Are you ready to ride the wave of high-protein meat alternatives in the booming plant-based market?