Making Better Snackfections

As a global leader in supplying specialty vegetable fats and oils for confectionery products, AAK plays an essential role in delivering snack-forward solutions that consumers love.

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Better Confectionery Motion Graphic Video

Superb flavor release. Optimal shelf life. These are a few of the reasons why fats & oils play a key role in making confections that look and taste great.

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For Better Confectionery, Put Your Fats & Oils First

When it comes to making confectionery products with a delectable taste and desired texture, fats & oils play a key role.

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Fats & Oils First: Confections

Fats are critical to perfect confections. What’s the secret? Better fats with the right melting temperature, flavor release, and shelf life.

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Confectionery Solutions That Taste as Good as They Look

At AAK, we offer a variety of confectionery fats that can extend shelf life and improve flavor release, taste and sensory experience.