salted caramels on tableFor Better Confectionery, Put Your Fats & Oils First

When it comes to making confectionery products with a delectable taste and desired texture, fats & oils play a key role. At AAK, we put our fats & oils first to ensure the consumer is always pleased by the delicious results. These key ingredients impact functionality, consumer appeal and shelf life in a variety of applications.


Why are fats significant in confections?

Fats are structuring agents that provide key benefits:

  • Flavor release
  • Meltdown properties
  • Shelf life

Additionally, confectionery fats can slow or inhibit issues like oil separation, oil migration and bloom. These fats allow confectionery products to retain their visual appeal on store shelves, with perfectly snappy coatings, creamy fillings and smooth spreads.


Not all fats & oils are created equal—so it’s important to work with an experienced partner who understands how to solve your formulation challenges.

AAK specializes in developing plant-based oil solutions together with our customers. With over 150 years in the industry, we’ve seen and understand:

  • Why certain blends perform differently
  • How fats interact with your current ingredients
  • How to improve your processes for better end products


From crop to shelf, AAK’s value chain delivers sustainable and indulgent foods that consumers love. And, with over 100 years of confectionery experience, we proudly continue to innovate and keep creating better-for-you and delicious confections—together. Check out some of our delightful offerings below.

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Fats with the right melting properties can provide structure and help minimize stickiness and waxiness in soft caramels.

Why does it matter?

Younger consumers are indulging in flavors that provide a sense of familiarity, including twists on the classic caramel.1

Enrobed Confections & Snack Bars

Fats help create glossy coatings with satisfying snap and help keep bloom at bay.

Why does it matter?

39% of consumers choose their confections based on indulgence, 23% decide based on new flavor and 22% seek all-natural ingredients.2

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Nut Butters

Fat blends provide structure to slow or even stop the liquid nut oils from separating over time.

Why does it matter?

49% of consumer ages 55 and older and 46% of consumers ages 45-54 agreed with the statement “Nut butters are healthy.” Social media campaigns can help educate younger consumers on how to incorporate nut butters into a healthy diet.3

1 Non-Chocolate Confectionery, U.S., July 2022, Mintel.
2 Chocolate Confectionery: incl. impact of COVID-19 U.S., May 2022, Mintel.
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Fats & oils are just as important—if not more—than other ingredients in your products. They’re so significant that they can affect your entire formulation.

AAK offers one of the broadest lines of plant-based fats & oils in the industry—and over 150 years of experience. By working together with our partners using our Co-Development approach, we can help you find solutions to some of the most demanding product development challenges.

We also provide a broad variety of shortenings, frying oils, margarines, cubed shortenings, flaked shortenings and hardstocks. Discover ways to perfect your confection products, with specialty fats & oils from AAK.