Meet Consumers’ Bakery Kneads with AAK Snackification Solutions

chocolate chip cookies on surface

As consumer snacking habits continue to evolve, the baking industry is expanding into new territory, with trends that provide even more opportunities for brands to create the products consumers love. What do they want? To start, consumers are looking for easier and more accessible snacking options, paired with products that are not only convenient but also delicious, with 79% of consumers seeking ready-to-eat snacks, over those you have to prepare.1

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Navigating Challenges in Bakery Production

Did you know that fat is a key ingredient in many bakery applications? As a leading supplier of specialty fats and oils for the baking industry, we take the time to get to know you and your desired outcomes in order to select the best solution for your product.

Additionally, in our cutting-edge facilities, AAK houses a collaborative bakery laboratory where we engage in joint efforts with you to create groundbreaking solutions. Together, we surpass expectations and achieve the desired qualities to deliver an enhanced and highly successful end product.

Flavor: The Driver for Snacking Choices

One thing remains constant amid these changes: flavor is the most influential factor when it comes to purchasing snacks.2 Consumers seek bakery products that not only offer convenience, but also delight their taste buds. The main challenge is to create innovative flavors that capture the attention of consumers in a crowded market. With AAK’s support, you can create snack-a-licious bakery products, such as cookies, microwavable cake mixes and more.

Innovating with Consumer Trends for Success

AAK bakery success stories are worthy examples to share, as our team continues to embrace the latest trends and consumer demands. Our dedication to delivering exceptional bakery products is evident in our innovative Co-Development approach.

Better-for-You Chocolate Chip Cookie

This application showcases how innovation can enhance both taste and health benefits. By reformulating the classic chocolate chip cookie with non-hydrogenated vegetable fat, AAK created a treat that’s not only delicious, but also better for the consumer.

The reformulated cookie boasts several advantages:

  • Non-Hydrogenated: Made to address health-conscious consumers’ concerns
  • Zero Trans Fat: Formulated to align with certain dietary preferences
  • Low in Saturated Fats: Promotes a balanced and health-conscious snacking choice

In a world where consumer preferences are rapidly evolving, AAK bakery snackification success displays the importance of adapting to trends while maintaining product excellence. By catering to the demands for both taste and health, you can position yourself as an industry leader and continue to meet consumers’ snack needs in a changing food landscape. Learn more about what AAK has to offer in the world of bakery here.

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2 Snacking Motivations and Attitudes, U.S., 2022, Mintel.